Smooth Beautiful Skin
There are some 5 million hairs grow on the human body, most obviously on the head, but that only accounts for
about 100,000.  That means we have 4.9 million hairs elsewhere on our body.  Our skin is the largest organ of the
body and along with hair they both often get overlooked until there is a problem. Caring for both is important and
the process of unwanted hair removal should be chosen carefully.   Hair removal can be traumatic and can cause
numerous adverse reactions depending on the condition of the skin hair.

By choosing Body Sugaring, you are not only removing unwanted hair you are caring for your skin and body.
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Natural Touch Body Sugaring
hair removal for men and women
Whether you're a newbie to sugaring or a sugarholic,
I'd like to welcome you to my site.  Hopefully I can
answer most of your questions here, if not feel free to
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Operating from within the convenien
t and pleasant
surroundings of Amaranth Health & Wellness located
on 130th Ave SE, Calgary.  I have created a space
where you can relax, won't feel rushed and is
completely confidential and fully licensed.

Clean and inviting, fresh sheets and towels and all
equipment sanitised in between clients.  
Gillian Grant
Body Sugaring Practitioner